Defensive Structural Investigation

Every bit of work conducted by our technicians begins with a vehicle evaluation. After a car crash, it is of the utmost importance to document the condition of any vehicle with precise detail, both for insurance, and to begin the repair process. We take photographs of the vehicle immediately to establish the state of the vehicle when it arrives and continue to take photographs throughout the repair process. This systematic approach is necessary to make sure the repair work is fully completed and to keep customers in the loop.

Collision Repair

After an auto accident, the last thing you need to worry about is dealing with the insurance company and getting your car fixed. That is where we come in. Our focus is our customer’s peace of mind. Whether your car has a small dent or is just short of totalled, we have the experienced technicians and the latest equipment and machinery to repair it.

Total Loss Evaluation

Evaluate and value total loss vehicles.

Body Work

The structural integrity of your vehicle could be compromised after any crash, even a seemingly innocuous one. Just because all you see is a dent on your rear passenger door, doesn’t mean there isn’t a more serious issue. We evaluate your vehicle from front-to-rear and top-to-bottom to address any issues with the chassis or other parts of the vehicle.


After a hit or a scrape, your car could have a lot of damage, the most superficial of which is paint. It may not seem important, but a car’s paint is essential to the health of the overall vehicle. If you have a repaired scrape that isn’t re-painted properly, the structural metal may be exposed to the elements, which could eat your car from the inside out. Rust is no laughing matter. Thankfully, we taking painting very seriously and guarantee a professional job.

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